Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Went up to Hungary's highest point and came down the next day

Sign of Hungary

Kekes (1014m P774) Hungary’s highest point. Kekes means ‘bluish’ and from a distance it fits. Close up the hill is a mess – with carparks, ski runs, TV tower and all sorts of other constructions including a shrine to dead motorcyclists (you would have thought that after so many, other riders would just take more care to avoid having another scarf added for them). The top is marked by a stone painted in Hungary’s colours – there is a higher spot nearby behind a fence, however it looks like it could be human-made, most likely a covered reservoir. It was too public a spot to risk being caught scaling the fence.
The carpark was a handy place to stay the night – so there is a first for me, sleeping on a country top (almost).

Kekes mast adds to the mess

Kekes ass

Motorcyclist mausoleum

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