Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Low Tatry

Nizke or Low Tatry National Park

About 30 km south of the High Tatry/Vysoke Tatry is another range of lower hills called the Low Tatry/Nizke Tatry. I could see them when the air was clear enough from the tops of the High Tatry and, in particular I could make out the TV mast almost on the summit of Kralova hola (hill of the Kings meadow) (1946m P756) - what I didn't see is the equally ugly educational centre which surely must be a soviet legacy.
Started from Sumiac (drove through to top of village and road ends on a big bend with plenty of parking space. Blue marked path actually starts in the village), without a map and, for once, no helpful signposts, so it was much of a guess that the blue marked trail would get me there. However, as ever, it was quite a popular track and so it was 'dobry den' all the way. 
At the top you will see in the photo below that the summit post has a side branch. A group of women arrived shortly after me and I did not need to understand Slovenian to know what they were giggling about - and it became most obvious when they asked me to take their group photo and one of them demonstrated quite graphically what the branch represented for her. Good job that my face is already red from the sun.

I returned by the same route as I ascended.

Holding on

Kravola Hola summit sign - censored. That's the High Tatry in the background
TV mast and educational centre spoil the summit view.

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