Sunday, 10 August 2014

Peloponnese high point

Oros Taigetos/Profitas Ilias highest point of the Peloponnese peninsula 2404m P2344

Psili Korifi

Psili Korifi 1589m P1514 Western Greece

Deserted monastery

Rio bridge across the Gulf of Corinth


Smolikos Oros highest point in Epirus, Greece 2637 P1736

Kaimaktsalan, or is it Oros Voras?

Oros Vras/Kaimaktsalan on the border between Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and Macedonia, Greece 2528m P1758 Basically on the Greek side it is a ski resort and it is a matter of walking up a ski slope.

The sword and the cross working together - as usual

What, no limestone? No karst scenery.

Greek and Macedonian trigpoint pillars


Pelister Vrh, Macedonia 2601m P1516

Proof the pope is catholic

Hotel Molika