Thursday, 13 September 2012

Grosser Pyhrgas


Gr Pyhrgas
At some point on this trip I resolved that at weekends I would try to keep away from the more popular hills. This resolution has failed for two reasons. Firstly, when you are retired every day feels the same, so weekends sort of creep up unexpectedly. Secondly, there does not seem to be any unpopular hills.
I thought if I chose a hill that I have no idea how to pronounce it would not be crowded. However, as this particular hill is not so difficult and is quite near to the A9 (no, not that one - the Austrian one) there were plenty of others there. And, the majority did it the opposite way round to me - so plenty of time to practice saying 'Guten tag', although I am convinced they were all saying 'gesunt'.

Grosser Pyhrgas (2244m P1250) is about six kilometres north west of Gr Buchstein in the Haller Mauern and the 78th most prominent mountain in the Alps.

Despite the numbers of people I was able to find a parking space in the shade quite near to the Bosruck hutte (1043m). From there I followed the crowd for a short while and then turned left up a hiking trail marked Gr Pyhrgas, that everyone else ignored. It rose moderately steeply through woods and meadows, there was a junction where I turned left and then a right turn on to 'steady steps' track 614 which wound its rocky way through dwarf pines and against the flow of other walkers. Not sure this track really needed steady steps myself. It came out on a saddle on a broad ridge and then it was a simple walk to the (inevitable) summit cross and logbook.

View of summit from saddle

Pure gas - with Gr Buchstein in background
Going back I went back to the saddle and then went down the almost people free Hefersteig track 615. Although not overly difficult this one did require 'steady steps' and I quite enjoyed the odd bit of klettersteig on the way. I certainly felt it was the best way to descend the mountain.

On the Hefersteig
Rohrauerhaus and the Hefersteig
Down in the woods I found the Rohrauer hutte (1308m) and indulged in a beer before heading back to the van on an easy path.
Maybe not the most taxing day - but a P1250 is not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Doctor, every time I move my head I get a ringing noise in my ear

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