Sunday, 23 September 2012

That London

The Adriatic sea

After I came off Triglav, I drove straight towards the Adriatic sea on the Gulf of Trieste - and, by chance found a spot right on the coast in the dark. I didn't realise that I was on the coast until the following morning and what a good spot I had found.
In the first half of this year I spent much of the time touring forty plus Scottish islands bagging Marilyns, Humps and Island tops. The precise number of islands depends on how you define an island - in terms of the number of hectares and whether you count tidal islands and those with artificial connections like bridges, barrages and causeways. I grew to love the combination of sea and mountains and I have missed this on the long journey from the Baltic to the Adriatic.
So this view was especially welcome - even though it wasn't really that much of a beauty spot. There were a few hardy souls sunbathing on the beach in a strong breeze.
In my Scottish island journey I had passed through Troon on my way to Great and 'Wee' Cumbrae. And I bagged a hill on Skye's Trotternish ridge. So that makes it Troon, Trotternish, Trondheim, Tromso, Tatry, Triglav, Trieste - when I finally return to England with the van maybe I should take the Brittany ferry and then I can make a detour to Truro - OK, maybe not.
Where does this bus in Park Lane claim to be?

 Now, you may be asking why is this post headed 'That London' and why has he left the Alps to go to the sea. Well, the fact is my son, Luke, has recently completed his degree with a 2:1 at London Met and there is a graduation ceremony at that London's Barbican - and I have booked a two day return Ryanair flight from Trieste's Ronchi Dei Legionari to Stansted (which pretends to be near that London). I had booked myself into the student's residential hall for Imperial College - right next door to The Royal Albert Hall.

Hyde Park Corner

Hiring a Boris bike meant that I could treat London exactly like I had done those other capitals Stockholm, Bratislava and Vienna. One of the things that struck me as I did the tourist bit was that most of the voices I heard were not speaking English - I am sure I recognised Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Slovenian, French and German words as I passed by.

Oh, I see, Strbske Pleso in the High Tatry

Then there was the ceremony - a proud moment. Well done, Luke. Hope it leads to a fruitful and interesting career.

Afterwards, it was a good meal at a restaurant that belongs to someone called Raymond Blanc , who I am given to understand is 'him, off the telly'. To me that draws a blank as I don't watch much telly - certainly not cooking programmes.
And, I took the opportunity to get a pack of Yorkshire tea bags before flying back to resume the trip.

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