Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Polana, bear right


Polana Horsky Hotel
Polana summit sign - not at  the summit

Polana (1463m P732) which overlooks the town of Hrinova.
The most difficult part of this trip was finding the start point without a map. It seemed a long drive up to the Polana Horsky Hotel which had a bear for its logo. The sign post for Polana said an hour, so that means it was about 30-45 minutes away. The path wound gently across meadows and through woods to a summit post that was definitely not at the summit. 

Most people would have been satisfied, however when exploring around I found two tops – one had a post with a logbook and the other was a pile of rocks that could have been human-made. Obviously as a bagger, I made sure I visited every point before doubling back to the hotel, for the usual cup of tea.

Flutter by
Summit rock - real or artificial?

Polana summit logbook
Carline thistle

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