Thursday, 19 July 2012

Went up Snohetta without a snow hat:

Musk oxen - could not get nearer, they are dangerous, apparently
Snohetta viewpoint

A heavy downpour of rain made me decide it was time to move further north. So off I went to Dombas which looked like the motorhome capital of the world! Chance to update my blog in Frich’s kafeteria.
Slept on the E6 near Hjerkinn
The plan to drive to Snoheim thwarted by the road being closed as the army are clearing unexploded ordnance from the area. Spent an hour visiting the pine Snohetta viewpoint and chasing a herd of musk oxen. Then caught the lunchtime Skyttelbuss to the hut  at Snoheim – the only way to get there, at least, for this season – see

Worried that whole bus load would all set off for Snohetta together. As it turned out there were only six of us. The route is a mixture of well trodden track, snow slopes and very rough boulder fields – clearly waymarked all the way. The weather started fine, however within a couple of hours it was hail and snow. The summit of Snohetta (2286m, P1675, Norway’s fourth highest summit) is dominated by a military installation, including a helicopter landing deck. And it was cold in the snowstorm. No time to hang around and anyway, there was the bus to catch.
Slept somewhere further up the E6.
Snowing on Snohetta summit - Snohetta means 'snow hat'

Wish I could work out how to rotate pictures, here. Snohetta summit

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