Monday, 30 July 2012

Went up an island top and came down


What is that blue stuff with a yellow glowing thing in it? And Lofoten is really Skye +.
Obviously time to get a proper hill done. So let's go for the highest point on the island of Moskenesoya, Hermannsdalstinden (1029m, P1029)

Hermannsdalstinden from near the Munkebu hut


From the car park at Sorvagen I folowed the sign for the Munkebu hut and quickly realised that there were rather a lot of other people dong the same. I must have overtaken around 100 people by the time I got to the hut. Why so many? Because the views were stunning all the way there. Thankfully 98% of the people stop and eat their packed lunch on the verandah of the closed hut and then return to Sorvagen.
The other odd 2% carry on. And from this point the path is not so obvious and easy to follow. There is a lot of up and down - I did around 2750m of ascent to get up to the top at 1029m - some of it quite steep and snow covered. For one section there were fixed ropes - would you trust them, though?
By the time I was near the summit the promising weather had gone and clouds were settling on the higher ground. Still it did not rain, much.
Hermann's summit - no sign of his hermits, though.
The final section to the top with room for only person was a bit of a scramble and a puzzle in the mist to find the way.  On my return journey (with all that down and up to reverse), even though it was quite late there were still a handful of people coming the other way up to the hut. When there is is 24 hours daylight it doesn't matter when you go out. I saw a woman cutting her lawn at midnight on another day.

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