Monday, 30 July 2012

Went up to pick Snotinden

Hurtigruten cruise boat in the Raftsund
Yesterday it rained and I decided to move on. Today, it is still rained but there were moments between the showers when it didn't. I started from a very busy little village, Digermulen by the side of the Raftsundet on the island of Hinnoya. I didn't have a map so even finding the start of the path took a while and I took a wrong turn later that meant quite a retreat chased by a lot of flies through the birch trees.

Keiservarden summit

The first summit was only a mere 384m. However, it had two plaques on the top in 'honour' of the fact that it had been visited twice by Kaiser Bill (Wilhelm II) before WW1. Hence the name of the hill is Keiservarden.

Then there was a drop down to a col with a pretty lake.

Looks like rain, dear.

Next I had a stiff climb up a long slope, where I saw my first ever herd of wild reindeer. To the top of Snotinden. (637m, P300ish). Great views of mountains, the sea and small islands. But the weather meant the photos don't really merit inclusion here. I might put some on Facebook one day.

Snotinden summit

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