Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Went to Jotunheim national park

Kyrkja across the Leirvatnet glacier

Although largely a quite misty day, until late evening I drove up the tollroad/bomveg in Leirdalen to Leirvassbu. From there walked around the Leirvatnet glacier and up the intermittent snow covered or very boulder slopes to the top of Kyrkje (1843m) and then across to the very steep sided and pointy Kyrkja (2032m, P277). Not much of a view because of the mist there were glimpses of the glaciers below. And the loud roar of a nearby avalanche was quite scary in the mist.

Kyrkja from Leirvassbu
 Met another Czech couple on the way down and walked back with them.
Slept the night at Leirvassbu. Because of the 24 hour daylight this time of the year it was quite late before I realised the time.

Another rainy lazy day. Much of it spent at Juvasshytta, a ski-hut at the end of the highest road in northern Europe (1840m). Then visited Lom and slept by the swollen river Otta.

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