Thursday, 19 July 2012

Went up a misty ridge on Moskenesoya

Roseroot - Rhodilia rosea


There is a limit to the amount of time I can sit in the van reading the Guardian and Harry Hole detective stories on my Kindle, without going stir-crazy. So despite the continuing rain I set off from the road end at Selfjord around the very boggy shore of Stormarkpollen, through the birch trees, up past Fageravatnet to the summits of Markan (574m) and Branntuva (702m). Came back over Markan and then over three very steep sided tops:  unnamed top (492m), Nonstinden (490m) and Tverfjellet (490m).

And then it was back down to the birch trees and the wet boggy ground – and midges. Not a lot of views to be seen.

Tverrfjell summit - note the similarity between the Norwegian 'fjell' and the English 'fell'
I wonder how many trees there must be in Norway – gadzillions of them. Contrary to my expectations, they are not all spruce trees, indeed from my experience birch trees seem to prevail. Maybe all the spruce trees have been exported to the UK by the Forestry Commission.
What is also noticeable is the wide range of flowers that grow everywhere. Many of them are similar to ones that grow on Scottish hills. However, not all of them and not in so much profusion.
Dwarf Cornel

 Slept alongside Selfjorden

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