Thursday, 19 July 2012

Went up the Norwegian coast

Glacier melts into the sea -

Drove to Mo I Rana and left the E6 and headed for the famed coast road, the Kystrikssveien allegedly the ‘world’s most beautiful journey. Difficult to confirm this as the weather meant that the visibility was quite poor.  However there were at times great views of mountains, glaciers and the sea, which I am sure would be even better in fine weather.  Crossed the Arctic circle on the ferry boat between Kilboghamn and Jektvik . The sign on the coast for the A circle not in the right place anymore as apparently it moves over time.   

Also caught a ferry from Agskardet to Foroy.
Slept in the Bodo harbour area.

Caught the 6.00 am ferry to Moskenes, Lofoten. Very rough four hour crossing, a number of people were noisily sea-sick, whilst a picture of Stetind, Norway’s so-called  ‘national mountain’ swung wildly on the wall. Disappointingly did not get the dramatic view of the Lofoten mountains rising out of the sea on this approach because of the weather.
Hung around the isle of Moskenesoya hoping for a break in the weather.

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