Friday, 2 November 2012

Mooching in München


Rathaus glockenspiel
Well, what I did was to head north and found that the sea of mist was actually low cloud once I left the Alps.
Bavaria/Bayern, north of the Alps, does not have an altitude problem (Munich is around 500 metres above sea level and hence, chilly) it just lacks kurtosis.
Munich was alright - I wandered around the centre a bit, saw the Glockenspiel in action in the Rathaus in Marienplatz, mooched around the Residenz  and visited the Neue Pinakothek art gallery.
I even found a good vegetarian restaurant, the Prinz Myshkin - no idea what the idiot connection was. But, I was missing those hills.

Looks like the copper thieves don't steal Henry Moore sculptures in Munich

One of those hills - Koch's Der Schmadribachfall

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