Friday, 2 November 2012

Royal chair - Königstuhl


Rubbish looking king
According to Wikipedia:

"The Königstuhl (German pronunciation: [ˈkøːnɪçˌʃtuːl]), translated "Kings seat", is a 567 metre high [P296] hill in the Odenwald Mountains and in the city of Heidelberg, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The Königstuhl summit allows visitors a spectacular view of the city of Heidelberg and the River Neckar as well as the Rhine Valley. On days with good conditions the view extends to the Pfaelzerwald (Palatinate Forest), which is roughly 40–50 km away." 
Obviously, I have chosen a day when conditions are not good.
I parked up and headed off down this path:

And came to this sign.
Obviously, the wrong way, then.
But I am sure the highest ground is past this sign.
I wandered around the woods and made an arbritrary choice for what could be the top.

My arbritrary choice
Actually, the highest ground was probably inside the fence and is probably not natural either. If you look closely you will see there are two fences - the outer fence could be climbed relatively easily, however the inner one has some vicious looking razor wire coiled round the top. It wasn't until after I took the picture that I realised the sign said 'no photography'. I had visions of a repeat experience as to what happened to me at Karlskrona naval docks.

Handy seat
Alien space ship

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