Friday, 2 November 2012

Eifel eyeful


View from top of the tower
After following the Rhine for a while I headed off north west and up into the High Eifel mountains and stopped for the night on a patch of land off the road. In the morning I discovered that it had been snowing and it was so cold that the door was frozen shut. To warm up I drove a few kilometres to the car park at the foot of Hohe Acht (747m P536) before attempting to open the door and have some breakfast.

Hohe Acht is the highest point in the Eifel mountains and is an old volcano with a basalt summit. I made my way through the snow to that summit on which there is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm, a tower built in 1908 to celebrate the Kaiser's silver wedding. If you have been following this blog carefully enough you will realise that this Kaiser has been mentioned at least a couple of times before. Because of the breeze, it was quite cold at the top of his Eifel tower.
Hohe Acht summit

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