Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Not the right way home

Gr Traithen fromUrsprungtal
So, with my commitment to head north and eventually home, what did I do? I drove east to Ursprungtal near Bayrischzell. Most people tackle Grosser Traithen (1852m P1007 – a Major) from the eastern side from Gasthaus Rosengasse. However I did not want to drive all that way. 

Gr Traithen from Fellalm
So I set off from the Stockerhutte car park (820m) on track 658 which winds its way through the autumnal coloured forest to an alp at Fellalm. At that point it meets track 652 which climbs through the dwarf pines to the summit. With another great view of the Wilder Kaiser – and I could see that the rest of Bavaria to the north was covered by an extensive blanket of low cloud. And that later that day I knew I would be driving under that cloud – oh bother! My internal dialogue, as I watched the leaves fall off the trees and headed back down to the van, was along the lines of the old Clash song. What  should I do?

Bavarian coastline!

View of Fellalm
Rock dog with lipstick?

Wilder Kaiser, again
Willow leaved Gentian, again

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