Monday, 1 October 2012

From Caporetto to Kobarid - a short walk

Choppy upper reaches of the Isonzo
Soca gorge

The Julian Alps during the 20th century remained where they are, obviously. However, they did not remain in the same country - at different times in that century they were in the Austrian-Hungarian empire, Italy, Yugoslavia and finally Slovenia. This means that many places have more than one name - in the first world war the small town of Kobarid was more well known as Caporetto. And the river Soca that flows through the long valley was the Isonzo. Today we did a short easy walk of about nine kilometres, known as the Kobarid historical trail that starts from a museum in Kobarid, dedicated to the local events of that terrible war.

Napoleon's bridge
The walk took in: a Napoleon bridge; a rather interesting waterfall, the Slap Kozjak; a number of wartime trenches and armouries, a 5th century castle, the Tonocov Grad; and an ossuary built by Mussolini. We did not bother with the cheese museum.

Mussolini's ossuary
Patrick by the Slap Kozjak

Trench warfare

Krn from Tonocov Grad

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