Monday, 27 August 2012

Zigzag walk to Wielk Szyszak


Martinovka Boudy and the MRT - Wielk Szyszak in background
Started from Spindleruv Myln and took the road towards Preczel Karkonska. At a sharp bend left the road and joined the green marked path to Martinovka Boudy hut - as I arrived there so did the Mountain Rescue Team. There was a flurry of activity that ended with the 'injured party' walking down under his own steam, so not sure what was going on. From there took a blue marked path to meet the Polish/Czech border and then followed the border west. At the foot of the final slope of Wielk Szyszak there was a sign in both languages, I assume, saying no access. I said to the Polish couple looking at the sign 'I don't understand what it means' and carried on past it - inspiring them to follow me up to the top - 1509m/P331 - where there was a defaced memorial stone, probably from the Soviet era.
Sniezne Kotly TV mast
There were many other walkers up on the ridge, but almost all of them ignored the true summit and headed towards the next top, Sniezne Kotly, which sported a relatively attractive radio/television mast disguised as a farm building and where there was a good view down to Poland through a large corrie. From there I went to look for the source of the Labe/Elbe near a dreadful 1960s ski-hotel at Labsky Vodopod.
Europe's fourth largest river

Labsky Vodopad
 From Labsky Vodopod I traversed back to Martinovka Boudy and then returned to Spindleruv Mylyn
Spindleruv shopping centre - reminiscent of Oldham's Spindles Centre without a Greggs or Claire's Accessories

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