Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Devil's point


Babia Gora or Diablak (Devil's point) is yet another border mountain which can be approached from either country. The summit is exactly on the border. And it is higher and more prominent than Pilsko - i.e. 1725m/P1075. Another great, almost accidental, find. I decided to tackle it from the Polish side from Zawoja Markowa, after reading about the so-called Academic path - the Perc Akademikow. This path was devised by a university professor who wanted to show his students the range of flora that can be found at different heights on the mountains - and it also sounded interesting because it involves scrambling and the use of chains/steel steps. The cover photo on the map I bought in Zawoja shows a group of young people clambering up a chained section.

Chained traverse along a narrowish ledge
So, off I set on the green marked path through an extensive pine forest to the Markowe Szczawiny refuge. Found the start of the Perc Akad. and felt disappointed as it just seemed to traverse the hill for a while - and the flora was not particularly remarkable. Then it started to rise uphill fairly steeply but with no difficulties. Admittedly there were some nice flowers at times, however the scrambling was a bit tame. The photo on my map was taken of the most difficult section on the whole route - about as hard as a climbing frame in a children's adventure playground. And the views were great. Are they the Tatry mountains in the mists?

Once on the top there was a path that followed the border for many kilometres in both directions. I decided to go west as far as a minor summit Mala Babia Gora (1517m/P100+ i.e. a Hump)

Slovakian memorial

Diablak/Babia Gora from the west
Mala Babia Gora summit
 Then it was back down to the refuge and an alternative longer (and slightly regretted) black marked path through the forest to the start point where I stayed for the night, ignoring the no camping sign.

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