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Martino y los trios Pirineos 3 – Tozal de Guara/Punton de Guara/Pena Guara


Tozal de Guara, Parque National Sierra y Canones de Guara  - Path S8
Iberian prominence number362077m P972

Nocito and Guara in the morning
Tozal de Guara or whatever other name it is known by is not a mountain you stumble upon, you have to go looking for it. The pretty little pueblo of Nocito is well hidden and has a part shaded car park N42.32243 W0.25626 (924m). However, there is also unshaded car parking available two kilometres up the pista near where the S8 path crosses the Rio Guatizalema N42.30674 W0.25844 (885m)
Rio de la Pillera
Once a road?
Then you follow a tributary, Rio de la Pillera. The path crosses this 5/6 times. There is evidence to suggest that this was originally a paved road.

The sides of the valley get steeper and higher and you are heading into a barranco/canyon without a lot of height gain yet. 
Barranco de la Pillera
The path leaves the rio and heads uphill at N42.30383 W0.24373 (930m) At the top there is the Collado de Chemelosas N42.29622 W0.24006 (1348m) which overlooks a deep canyon. 

Getting nearer
A confusing set of traverses that made me feel I was going around in a spiral eventually reaches the  Collado de Petrenales N42.28997 W0.25095 (1536m) and then another collado at N42.28303 W0.23981 (1691m). From here there is a choice of routes – JMH suggests using the lower route for ascent and the higher one for descent – I suggest the opposite as the lower one involves a scree slope which is a lot easier to run down than scrabble up.
Both routes meet at a final collado N42.28713 W0.23292 (1942m) before heading up to Tozal de Guara at N42.28867 W0.22938

View from summit
Scree run
Going back down the scree, exit at N42.28359 W0.23603 (1710m) or end up in the wrong valley.
Nocito and Guara in the evening
24.64km, 2011m total ascent

Overnight by the road on Sierra de Guara after watching the sun set over Pena de Oreol (957m)

Then overnight in Camping Gavin, near Biescas (896m)

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