Monday, 15 July 2013

Martino y los trios Pirineos 2 – Pena Collarada

12-07-2013 - needs a proper write up!!
72nd 2884m P801
19.4km 2198m total ascent
Collarada from near the start
Parking N42.68718 W0.51358 (1204m)

Two way sign N42.68895 W0.51718 (1261)

Not true
Refugio de la Trapa N42.69733 W0.50003 (1708m)

Refugio de la Trapa

Nick in the escarpment
Looking down from the top of the nick
From top of the nick

Top of nick in escarpment N42.70098 W0.49870 (1864m)
Getting nearer
Right of limestone pavement N42.71030 W0.47648 (2510m)
Role model
Collarada N42.71419 W.47052
Is that Pic du Midi D'Ossau at the back?

Karst scenery
Overnight near Aratores (939m)

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