Sunday, 16 December 2012

My number one non-pillar flush bracket


It's all very well spending day after day bagging hills, but there are other things to do like help Rob Woodall celebrate his 6000th non-pillar flush bracket (if you have no idea what that means, I wouldn't ask if I were you). It mainly involved having to eat a meal in the pub across the road with a mixed group of trig-pointers and hill-baggers.

If you want to see more, look at Douglas Law's photos here:

Only 5999 to go, to catch up with Rob (Picture taken by Douglas Law)
Chris Weetson on Wats hill
After the pub lunch, Chris Watson kindly took me to bag a nearby sub-Hump, Weets Hill (397m P90) whilst others dashed off to visit a variety of bumps and brackets.

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  1. Some lovely photos here Martin with evidence of you collecting HuMPs and suHuMPs and soon to be TuMPs.