Sunday, 16 December 2012

Go west old man


A laugh of barrels
Good to see farmers acting as custodians of the countryside - Glen Lonan
The volume of snow and the threat of more made me decide that my aim to maximise the number of Marilyns completed for the year would be compromised, if I remained in the eastern Scotland whisky territory. So I headed off to the west and Argyll - section 19a, if you know your Marilyn regions. Turned out to be lovely bright and very cold week - with no snow.
So cold, I had to wear gloves whilst eating my breakfast some mornings.

Amongst the Marilyns bagged, I came upon the following scenes:

Allt Braglenmore
Carn Dearg (437m P172)
Loch Scammadale

Loch Tromlee
Meall an Fhithich (294m P169)
Cool modern art
Loch an Losgainn Mor
One particularly cold morning, I set off to bag my 200th Scottish Marilyn of the year, from the outlet of Loch an Losgaihn Mor. Celebrated at the summit with miniature bottle of 21% proof Spitz Vier Kanter. Not sure whether you are supposed to use it to remove old Nikwax from boots or drink it. Took risk and did the latter, then rolled back down.
Cruach na Seilcheig (380m P204)

Dun Leacainn - old top
Beware of the Humps

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