Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wet west Wales

29-12-2012 - 05-01-2013

New Year's day in the Tarrens
A wet stay in Wales over the new year provided an opportunity to re-complete the tampered Welsh Humps before the end of 2012 and to bag a load of 500 metre plus Deweys in the area around Machynlleth. It did not lead to many photo opportunities though.

One of the striking sights was the number of pink ribbons, in memory of still missing five year old April Jones, in Machynlleth and the surrounding area. I found this both sad and touching - and, in an odd way, reassuring that the majority of people are humane.

For at least a couple of days, the town was cut off by floods on the main roads  to both Aberystwyth and Aberdyfi.
New and wet Hump Tyddynbriddell hill summit 
Carnedd Das Eithin
Pen Trum-Gwr summit

Fford Gefn summit - maybe. Who really knows which sphagnum moss mass is the true top?
Whilst walking on Bryn yr Wyn I spotted strange behaviour from a flock of sheep on a distant hillside. Fairly typically for an animal that flocks together they were following each other. What was odd, was that the front of the flock had joined up with the tail to form a circle with a diameter of about 150 metres and although a few sheep broke the pattern and ran across the middle the circle was maintained for over the ten minutes I had a view. They could still be in a circle now.  Sorry about the poor quality picture.

Weird sheep circle - no sight of UFOs though
Just 88 (out of 428) Deweys left to do - all in Wales. Will I ever finish them?

Because, here be dragons 

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