Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Perth and Fremantle

23/02/2015 - 11/03/2015
To start a big journey around Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia I have visited my son, Joe and his wife, Sophie who live in Cottesloe, near Perth.

Here are some random photos of the area's wilder life::
Herdsman lake swamp

Herdsman Lake bird life

Sampling the Hillary's Harbour beer with Joe

Exciting news for some - near Cottesloe

Cottesloe sunset

With Joe in Perth's Kings Park overlooking the Swan River

Same location

Joe and Sophie

Two statues

Perth from Reabold hill

Fremantle sunset
Fremantle sunset

Cottesloe sculpture - Vessel

Another Cottesloe sculpture - if only the kangaroos could shoot back

Dolphins near Cottesloe

Cottesloe beach

Joe dolphin spotting

Gull waiting for the sun to set

Cottesloe sunset

Now you know why it is called the Swan river

Black swan

Perth's highest point - Reabold Hill


Pineapple bait


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