Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Kerkini/Radomir - where Bulgaria and Greece meet.

Republika Bulgaria
Kerkini (Greek name)/ Radomir (Bulgarian name) helps form the border between the two countries and there is plenty of evidence that it it was once heavily guarded. Even now, whilst sleeping at the trailhead we were asked to show our passports by the Greek border police. Finding the trailhead in the first place was fun. It involved driving along various unpaved roads before finally discovering the correct one. 
Rules are for breaking.
Radomir - the summit is the one at the back - the military road runs the full length

Greek look-out tower

Bulgarian route signs

Looking back from the summit along the ridge towards Kongur

And then there was the difficulty of following the odd but straightforward instruction to walk about thirty metres through some overgrown scrubland from one unpaved road to discover another one running parallel. After that it was a matter of remembering three things - 1. follow the track for seven kilometres 2. ignore any tracks that come up from the right/from Bulgaria 3. look out for a yellow sign for Radomir and head left up on to the ridge. Somehow, Charles ended up only bagging a a false summit called Kongur about two kilometres up the track.

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