Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Adios Espana


Puig Neulus/Pico de Neulos, Serra de l’Albera, has a Catalan name and was my final Spanish mountain, although I started in France and much of the short way walked on the French side of the border fence. It is 1257m high, P972, JMH35 at N42.48214 E2.94708.

Rocs de trois termes

The mast road from Le Perthus is barricaded 500 metres before you can reach the actual Col de Pou itself. However, there is room for several vehicles on a bend/junction at (1051m) N42.47958 E2.93455. It is possible to walk/cycle the rest of the way on the paved road. However, it is better to leave the road at the Col de Pou (1131m) N42.47501 E2.93395 and follow the border fence – I included a quick detour to the ermita at Pou de la Neu, however was not overwhelmed by it. 
The summit is marked by a Spanish trigpoint and a rather tall French pile of stones – and a communications mast. There was a clearish view all round including a cloud topped Canigou to the west and the Mediterranean to the south-east.
My descent route was back by the fence to the col and then the road to the bend.

4.68km, 532m total ascent

Everything you need to know about Pic de Nore

Overnight at the summit of Pic de Nore (1211m) – and this is a French Major, P752 at N43.42458 E2.46259 with a large communication mast and an OKish view whenever the mist cleared. It was also extremely breezy. 

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