Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tell no lies here


El Teleno/Pico Teleno is a Major 2185m P1086 in the Sierra del Teleno at N42.34593 W6.39377. To get there involved driving up a high road that at one point has a sign saying the height is 1957m (for the benefit of my non-bagger readers: Ben Nevis is 1343m high; 1957-1343=614; in the UK anything over 610m high is considered to be a mountain). 

My starting point was at 1682m from a bend in the road from San Cristobal de Valduez to Corporales at N42.35017 W6.43172. There is an obvious path – that looks like a shallow ditch – that runs straight up the hillside through deep heather. At the top it meets a broad ridge, where there was a host of golden Narcissus asturiensis at 1872m N42.35438 W6.42360. From here the track becomes less obvious and there are several stretches of boulder hopping, made more ‘interesting’ by having a skim of fresh snow on the smooth rocks. The ridge drops to a bealach at N42.35006 W6.40264 and then rises with more boulder hopping. Thankfully higher up the boulders were covered with deep snow. The summit is marked by a cylindrical trig point and a collection of nonsense religious trinkets.

As usual there was no view from the summit. My descent route was the same as the ascent one and was against the wind and almost continual hail.
Four hours, 8.9km, 760m ascent.

On my long drive to mid Spain I passed through a strange deserted village Cubo de Benavente.

Overnight at a service area on the A6 near Arevalo, Avila.

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