Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ding dong, the wicked Humps of the East

17-04-2013 - 23-04-2013
Battenburg cake moorland near Clog Knowe
Originally, the plan had been to go to the far north of Scotland with Cliff - unfortunately he had to call it off because of a family matter. It seemed a long way to go, on my own, with only a fortnight available - I know, I know, there was a time when I would have considered a fortnight  a really long break to indulge for hill-bagging, but now it seems like a bat of an eyelid. However, there was no way that I wanted to be anywhere near the media whilst the Thatcher family were sponging off the state with their paid for pauper's funeral. 
Hump bag
So, I broke a vow and headed off to bag Humps on the east side of the M74 in Scotland. Although the weather has been mixed, I have stayed remarkably dry in the main. However, the wind has at times been vicious.

Here is a carrion crow trapped in a crow trap on a grouse moor. Why are there human beings who routinely carry out unspeakable acts with despicable consequences. It just so happened that the original version of 'Rescue me' was playing on my iPod as I reached the cage...

Just a few pictures from a sample of the Humps bagged. Nowt spectacular.
Well, no idea where this is
Oh, it's here - Penile Heugh

West Cairn, West Lothian's highest point
Route map on Corstorphine hill - needs Harry Beck-ing
Corstorphine hill - Edinburgh

Corstorphine hill tower

Craig hill summit cairn

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